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Who are we?

An international charity for Youth, JC World Academy with roots in St. Lucia, and operations and administrations located in London, United Kingdom.

Most of our classes are conducted online, which enables us to work worldwide and transcend geographical boundaries.

We welcome educators and learners from all over the world to join our platform.

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to foster good character education that would encourage achievable dreams. Therefore, we aim to educate the Youth and teams in STEM and humanities subjects with the view of producing tomorrow’s educators and leaders.

Our mission is to build confidence and give wisdom, knowledge, and guidance in the chosen path of young people. Encouraging young people to become excellent citizens and role models to the next generation.

Our Approach

We work in a SIMPLE approach, believing that this is the best way to communicate knowledge to young people who are endeavoring to be a success in life.

Prophet Jerome Wilness.
Co-Founder / CEO/President

A humble man of God from the beautiful island of St. Lucia, in the West Indies. He was called to the office of a prophet over 20 years ago. Appointed to the office of an Apostle in JC Nations Koinonia Global Body of Christ in 2021.  

Prophet Jerome Wilness is a special man of God, he has dedicated his life to serving and has a unique anointing over his life.

Whilst in prayer and supplication in the secret place, under the shadow of the Almighty. The vision of JC World Academy was revealed to him.

His ministry has had no geographical boundaries and he has seen firsthand the potential social media platforms have to spread the gospel of Christ.

The vision revealed to him was to utilize social media such as Youtube,  Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Classroom, and Facebook to strategically reach out to people and bring them into the fold, by spreading the knowledge of Jesus Christ so none shall perish but have eternal life.

Pastor James Edwin PhD: Co-Founder

I am St. Lucian born from the Heavenly Kingdom, but physically birthed in Castries. I currently reside in London, United Kingdom.

Though I went astray from my duties in my younger years, by the grace of Our Heavenly Father in His mercies, he found me and guided me back into the fold to do what I was created to do.

Now, all thanks to Him, I am free to preach, teach and share. I am delighted to be a member of the organising and development team at JC World Academy.

An offer I snatched up when it came across my desk. My aim is to use my expertise and skills to grow this charity to be known worldwide. Giving as many young people as possible an opportunity for ‘each one to reach one to teach one.